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The goal at Abbott Appliance Service is to provide each and every customer with the best possible appliance repair experience in the area.

Professional Appliance Repair Every Time

Abbott Appliance will provide the customer with a professional appliance repair specialist with the knowledge and experience to evaluate their appliance repair needs.  The customer will be advised if replacement of the product would be the proper route to take or would repairing be a better option.  This will be decided by taking into consideration three issues.  One; cost of the repair.  Two; cost of replacement. Three; the amount of time/usage the customer wants to get from the particular appliance after the repair has been made.  Only after this evaluation and customer consent will the repair be initiated.  At times it might more prudent for the customer to have the manufacturer send out a factory service technician due to warranty conditions, at which time Abbott Appliance will defer to the factory service personnel for evaluation.

Prompt Service

Abbott Appliance will make ever attempt to be as prompt as possible and to keep to the repair window or appointment time, no body likes to wait.  In the event an appointment runs long the next customer will be called and advised of the situation and if we need to reschedule they will receive priority scheduling.  If we new exactly how long each repair would take our schedules would be easy to set, but sometimes repairs don’t always take the same amount of time.  We will do the best we can, and be as considerate as possible to the subsequent customers when delays occur.

All Major Parts Stocked

Abbott Appliance stocks the service vehicles with most of the common repair items.  There will be times when the part(s) needed for the repair must be special ordered.  When this occurs the part will be ordered on the next business day from the parts distributor.  The normal amount of time this process of ordering, receiving the part back, and rescheduling the call usually takes about 3-5 business days.  If the part is not readily available the time might increase to 7-10 business days.  At times the parts can be back ordered which means they are available but there is no definite time frame on their arrival back to our location.  Also some parts may no longer be available(NLA), in this case any deposits on parts orders will be returned and the appliance will be condemned(not able to be fixed) or the customer will have to live with the appliance in “as is” condition if it is still able to serve the customer in some way.  Of course as the appliance gets older some of the parts are no longer produced by the manufacturer and availability is sparse and the price of the item is often quite a bit higher than the original price quoted.

Always Happy to Answer Questions

Abbott Appliance technicians will be courteous and clean.  Our technicians will be happy to answer all your questions concerning your appliance.  They are there to serve the customer and provide the customer with all the information they will need to make an informed decision on whether or not to repair the appliance.  The technician will also make every attempt leave the area in and around the customer’s appliance in a clean and orderly fashion, as it was when they arrived.

Our final goal is for the customer to come away from the repair experience feeling that they received good quality honest service and would be willing to let us back into their homes at a future time to evaluate another appliance problem.


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