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Build up of frost inside your freezer? Freezer not cold enough? Not running at all? In need of a freezer repair?

Freezer Repair ServiceWhatever your problem, Abbott Appliance is your top source for freezer repair in CT.

Freezers are often seen as one of the more reliable home appliances, however they are not immune to problems.

At Abbott Appliance, we pride ourselves on our prompt, reliable service! No matter what your freezer problem, we have an affordable solution.

We work with most top freezer brands, including: GE, Roper, Maytag, Hotpoint, Whirlpool & Kenmore.


Whether you are looking for a freezer repair or general service to keep your freezer working at its best, give us a call:  (203) 459-8855.


How to Avoid Problems with your Freezer

  • Clean the coils – If you want to keep your freezer working at its best, you should try to keep the coils clean on a regular basis. Over time your freezers condenser coils build up with dust and dirt which can cause your freezer to work harder, leading to repairs.   Cleaning the coils once a year should help to extend the lifespan of your freezer and keep it working at its best!
  • Check the temperature –Keeping your freezer operating at the right temperature will help to prevent problems that lead to repairs.  Freezers work best between 0-8 degrees Fahrenheit. If your freezer goes beyond this temperature, cold air could escape causing your freezer to work harder.

Consider these simple tips if you want to increase the lifespan of your freezer and prevent the need for repairs.   If you notice a problem with your freezer, don’t hesitate to give our appliance repairmen a call!


Expert Freezer Repair in CT

If your freezer isn’t working as it should, we have the experience you need!  Give us a call!

We provide a prompt, friendly and reliable service every time. Serving the towns of Bridgeport, Brookfield,  Fairfield,  Milford,  Monroe,  Newtown,  Orange,  Shelton, and Stratford we cover most of Connecticut.  Give us a call today!



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