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Abbott Appliance ServicesReliable and Trusted Appliance Service for Over 20 Years

As many of you know I have been providing appliance services for the past twenty plus years,  with 2007 being my inaugural year with my own company; Abbott Appliance Service and Repair, LLC.  It has been a very rewarding experience thus far, seeing old friends and clients, and also making many new friends and clients along the way. Many of you have remembered me from one of the companies where I previously worked; Advanced, All American, Citytrust, or even IBM.  

The recent years (2014 – 2016) have been very challenging years due to the volatile energy costs and the unusual weather trends, which I’m sure have had an impact on almost everyone. 

With 2016 underway the economy is still somewhat volatile trying to bounce back to normal, or a “new normal”. Gas prices have been very favorable recently, but we all know how quickly that can change.  It seems that just when you think things are starting to get better something happens somewhere in the world that upsets everything.  This winter of 2015/2016 has been a really mild but still unpredictable weather patterns and storms have had a real affect on our service customers. 

I would like to take this time to thank them for their patience with us during these weather events and we will continue to serve you all as best we can.  Hopefully the weather continues to co-operate going forward into Spring and Summer.

The economic outlook is still very unstable, but according to some indicators, the economy may be starting to move in a more positive direction.   There are many questions that need to be answered regarding the future.   We have been trying to keep our costs and exposure down by trying to schedule calls within the same geographic areas during the same service windows when appropriate.  Of course that is not always easy to do when some calls are considered emergencies.

As always we will continue to handle each customer with the same professional, prompt and courteous service possible.

We will continue to service  the following towns in Bethel, Bridgeport,  Brookfield, Easton,  Fairfield,  Milford,  Monroe,  Newtown,  Orange,  Redding,  Shelton, Stratford and Trumbull.

I will continue to offer one of the LOWEST service call or trip charge rate in Fairfield County plus up to one year parts and labor in guarantees.

I will also continue to offer evening and weekend appointments to fit your schedule.

Senior Discounts are also available on all appliance repairs.

Our appliance services include:

Coming this summer 2016 service to Oxford, Seymour, Ansonia and Derby.

Same Day Appliance Repair

As always most calls will receive  same day service( which means; the repairs will be completed, in most cases we fix appliances on the day of the appointment).

Of course there will be times when appliance parts will need to be special ordered.

  • Special order parts will receive the highest priority once they are received and in most cases the wait time should only be 3-5 days.
  • Some parts may get “back-ordered”, which means we are at the mercy of the manufacturing company and  no estimated time of arrival is given.
  • If a part does get back-ordered the customer will be given the option to wait or to cancel the order without any penalty.


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